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Where the hell have I been? Okay… Okay… Okay…


(Aboard Delta Airlines, A319, MSP to SNA)

Not that I have a real “excuse” for not updating in the past months but I believe I have reasons. For those that know me, one word “busy” is to me an excuse, versus reasons.

The past few weeks I have been very productive getting many things around me in line. I have focused on myself to an immense amount. While my broken toe is still tender, I am no longer in a boot. I have been actively going to Physical Therapy for my right ankle. That has it’s good and it’s bad days.  (See: Blog – Broken Ankle ) . Explored Seattle two weeks ago, Boeing Factory was incredible (more to come).

On top of it all, I had my wisdom teeth out – shout out to my new dentist (who is amazingly HOT and single!) https://twitter.com/scohe06 .

Had a wonderful time in Kentucky watching the races yesterday with Nick . Heading into John Wayne (SNA) for a wedding in San Diego and a few days working remotely from the parents house. Promise to write more soon!

Towards the Sun Video Snapshot

VIDEO | Towards the Sun by Rick Mereki #breathtaking #vimeo


Last month I ran across a vimeo by Rick Mereki called Move. In February he added “Towards the Sun”. If you ever imagined some of the most breathtaking moments of seeing the sun, this video filmed in the Canary Islands, captures them.

Take a moment, and enjoy the view. Kudos to #RickMereki .


Broken toe...

Broken Bones, Broken Spirits and a New Day


Greetings from Atlanta,

It has been a very quiet time of posts over the past few weeks. I have made great improvement on many fronts since my post – When the Train Derails, How do I get it back on Track  .

In February I spent time with family in California, but more importantly over the past 3 weeks I have made progress on my ability to return to my active lifestyle. I am now enjoying a calf length boot for my left foot that experienced a fractured knuckle on my big toe. The six weeks will pass quickly.

My first physical therapy on Monday gave me some peace of mind of the diagnosis of my right ankle. The range is very limited, the calf muscles are over compensating for the ankle lacking stability. For those that have hiked with me, you may chuckle to think of me hitting a tree root just right and falling over. The PT is an Emory student that unfortunately has her last day this Friday. I was relieved to learn some means to help reduce the dependency on the muscles and rebuild the strength of my ankle. I will continue PT 2x per week for the next six weeks.

Broken toe...
Broken toe…
C.J. & Hallie Twomey

Article | He Killed Himself After An Argument With His Mom. What She Did Next …


Greetings from a Delta 1757 (B752 N661DL) to ATL from SNA. I ran across a story on viralnovelty about a son who killed himself and what his mother did with his ashes for the places in the world he wanted to see. (Article: He Killed Himself After An Argument With His Mom. What She Did Next Is Unbelievable. / 11-Feb-2014 )

C.J. & Hallie Twomey

After a fight between mom (Hallie) and her 20 year old son (CJ), formerly in the military, the mother created a campaign to have his ashes spread around the world. I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did.

C.J. Twomey

Where CJ’s life has been celebrated. With the Hallie’s rules –

  1. They have to tell him that his mother will always love him.
  2. They have to tell him that she is sorry.
  3. “YOU MUST AGREE TO SAY THAT,” Hallie posted on Facebook. (Near the Hollywood sign in California.)

C.J. Twomey

Greenwich Village - 2014

PHOTO | New York City: Grand Central Station, Greenwich Village and Soho #NYC #twitter


More photos of New York City from – @travelinglens .

For other great photos of Grand Central – See Previous Blog:  Grand Central Station 


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