Photos | #tbt , Sydney 2006, first trip Down Under

A #tbt from Sydney, looking back on my first trip to Sydney in 2006 with Robyn. The trip covered Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, good memories. Back when they allowed you to pet the koala’s. Click on the photo below for 4 photos~



Photos | A room with a View, Downtown Sydney from Potts Point

Each day when I wake up, I am most likely jet lagged but open the curtains to see one of the most breath taking skylines that I have been fortunate to experience. Having stayed in Old Sydney, CBD and Potts Point, the beauty is breath taking.

The same view from my room throughout the day, it leaves me inspired as I hear no sound but see the world below and sparkling lights on the horizon.

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Photos | Journey to Bangkok #BKK , farewell #Atlanta

Departing Bangkok on 11-September for Bangkok on KLM. The route from Atlanta to Amsterdam must be one that does not warrant a newer plane as the seats were very dated. My time in Bangkok was short before flying back to London, but I would return back to Bangkok on Friday.

Upon departing Bangkok to London, KLM neglected to check my bag through so I received an arrivals and departure passport within 30 minutes!

Rest assured, when I asked the very nice KLM representative working the transfer desk, I explained I had 90 minutes. Her reply is “well Run, Run, Run….” . Very kind of her, they pride themselves on going above and beyond. A common theme of the airline, was beyond disappointed.

Photos | #tbt , Round the World Trip – 2010

I thought it would be only fitting to have a #tbt to my first trip Round the World in 2010, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and London over 3 weeks. The trip timing was similar, mid-September to early October. Made long lasting bonds throughout the journey and memories that will last me a lifetime.

Bucket list was to ride in a 747 and travel a trip round the world at 30 or younger. Check!


Bouncing Around the World, Bangkok Check-In

Good Morning, or Evening from Bangkok!

It has been months since I have posted anything on my site. All too often I have so many thoughts on what to post, keep track of what, then never do. Possibly I just need to let the brain tell the fingers what to type and be done with it.

Excited to see that we are encroaching into the cooler temperatures of fall in Atlanta. I am looking forward time to open the windows and let the house air out. I will have some more photos and posts soon. Cheers!

Where the hell have I been? Okay… Okay… Okay…


(Aboard Delta Airlines, A319, MSP to SNA)

Not that I have a real “excuse” for not updating in the past months but I believe I have reasons. For those that know me, one word “busy” is to me an excuse, versus reasons.

The past few weeks I have been very productive getting many things around me in line. I have focused on myself to an immense amount. While my broken toe is still tender, I am no longer in a boot. I have been actively going to Physical Therapy for my right ankle. That has it’s good and it’s bad days.  (See: Blog – Broken Ankle ) . Explored Seattle two weeks ago, Boeing Factory was incredible (more to come).

On top of it all, I had my wisdom teeth out – shout out to my new dentist (who is amazingly HOT and single!) .

Had a wonderful time in Kentucky watching the races yesterday with Nick . Heading into John Wayne (SNA) for a wedding in San Diego and a few days working remotely from the parents house. Promise to write more soon!

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